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Beauvechain Air Base


Elevation: 370ft / 113m

Coordinates: 50°45'28"N 004°46'01"E

Frequency: 130.730 MHz

Runway: 04/22


Air base "LtCol Avi Charles Roman" is located in Walloon Brabant and is operated by the Belgian Air Component. Currently it hosts multiple units, including the main office and maintenance section of the Belgian Air Cadets. Other units operate the NH90 and A109 helicopters as well as the Marchetti SF260 trainer and the Piper Cub. The air base is at the disposal of the Air Cadets during flying weekends.

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Weelde Air Base


Elevation: 105ft / 32m

Coordinates: 51°23'39"N 004°57'33"E

Frequency: 118.015 MHz

Runway: 07/25


Weelde air base is a NATO reserve airfield in the north of Antwerp and still owned by the Belgian Air Component. The airfield was built in 1953, together with EBBX, as a reaction to the Cold War. Nowadays it's still frequently used as training area by several units of the Belgian Defence. The airfield is used by the Air Cadets during the flying weekends, Easter and summer holidays.

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Bertrix Air Base


Elevation: 1514ft / 461m

Coordinates: 49°53'30"N 005°13'26"E

Runway: 06/24

Frequency: 130.130MHz


Bertrix air base is located near Libramont, in the southern part of Belgium. It's a NATO reserve airfield, just like EBWE. An ammunition depot northeast of the field is still actively used by the Belgian Defence. Our flying activities in Bertrix take place during the summer holidays only.

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Florennes Air Base


Elevation: 935ft / 285m

Coordinates: 50°14'36"N 004°38'45"E

Frequency: 125.880MHz

Runway: 08/26


Air base "Jean Offenberg" is located in the south of the province Namur. Florennes is still an active air base operated by the Belgian Air Component. Just like Kleine Brogel, the air base hosts two squadrons operating the F-16. The Air Cadets are allowed to fly there during the flying weekends. 

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